KIO Aims


The Aims of Keep Ireland Open are:

         To establish a clear legal right of responsible access to the physical heritage of the nation its mountains, countryside, lakes, rivers and seashore.  This includes freedom to roam in more remote and upland areas. 

         We also campaign to minimise barbed-wire fencing in mountain areas, as it is visually intrusive and severely hinders walkers.

The current position
In Ireland you have virtually no legal right to step onto private land, no matter how remote.  In Ireland there are scarcely rights of way, apart from the obvious, for example public roads and urban parks. 

This is why, in stark contrast to other European countries, casual walkers out for a stroll are confined to tarmac or have to struggle on intermittent paths through countryside where no infrastructure (stiles etc) has been provided and worse, where they can be turned back by an angry landowner for no reason.

 Keep Ireland Open is not just for dedicated hill walkers.  It is for all who want to access our countryside just like has been achieved elsewhere decades ago.



If you would like to inform us of any problems in your area please email us at

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