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This page has been designed to highlight recent access issues reported to us by our members. If you have recently become aware of an access problem you can report it to us at  

If you are aware that any of these issues have been  resolved please send us information about it.

Hollywood Co Wicklow

The N/W route up Sleievcorragh(Scalp Rock) is very heavily fenced. In addition, an irritable farmer followed a small group of walkers as they were descending south east

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Brackloon Wood

We are happy to report a win. The main entrance to the lovely oak wood at Brackloon – 7 kms along the Leenane Road from

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Meet the neighbours

SWEDEN: Allemansrätten or “everyman’s right” gives Swedes a right to enjoy nature everywhere, except in private gardens, close to people’s homes and on cultivated land.  FINLAND: Finns

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