KIO Urges WCC to Preserve Public Access to Magheramore Beach

Planning Dept.,
Wicklow Co. Council.

                                                     Re Planning Application 23/337.
                       To develop an integrated tourism project at Magheramore, Wicklow.
To whom it concerns,
Keep Ireland Open is a voluntary, independent, non-party political, non-denominational CLG founded in 1994. KIO is an umbrella organisation that brings together various recreational bodies that share the same aims. We also have individual members. The validity of our mandate has been recognized by many authorities and we are represented on Comhairle na Tuaithe, the Government sponsored body which advises on the use of the Irish countryside.
Our primary concern regarding the proposal to develop above Magheramore beach is that public access be maintained for posterity. Much of County Wicklow’s coastline is privatized and this is one of the few places where local people can walk on an undeveloped beach.
We acknowledge the Council’s good intent in bidding to purchase the site in response to massive public interest. We also acknowledge the developer’s repeated statements that ‘’pedestrian access to the beach via the laneway, for members of the general public, shall be maintained as per the current arrangement’’.
Notwithstanding these statements, we wish to propose that, in the unlikely event that this development proposal is permitted, the Council will ensure, beyond all possible doubt, that this form of words is legally enforceable and that the relevant landowners be required to acknowledge the access as a Right of Way. We also ask that Wicklow Co. Council register the avenue which is currently used for access as a public Right of Way. €20 fee enclosed.
Yours truly, Robert Dowds, Chairperson, Keep Ireland Open.

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