Letter to the editor of the Irish Times written 29th Dec 2019


Letter to the editor of the Irish Times written 29th Dec 2019


Your article on Luggala (Home News, December 19th) makes no reference to the uncertainty about future public access to the Co. Wicklow estate. It should be remembered that, apart from the house and its environs, the rest of the estate has always been open to the public for walkers.

Apart from Glendalough, it is the most visited area in Co Wicklow and it would be a  real tragedy if public access was to be denied. There is still no indication as to the intentions of the new owner.

Keep Ireland Open calls for the Government to enter negotiations with him to see if he would consider selling the rest of the estate.

Roger Garland,

(Chairman. Keep Ireland Open)

43 Butterfield Drive,

Dublin 14.