Letter to the editor of the Irish Times written 29th Oct 2019

Letter to the editor of the Irish Times written 29th Oct 2019


Keep Ireland Open are appalled by the failure of the State to acquire this magnificent property with its immense recreational value, as reported in your issue of Oct 28, at significantly less than the asking price of E28M. Unfortunately the present Government is perpetuating  the policy of its predecessors of starving the National Parks and Wildlife Service of sufficient funds to add to our pitifully small area of National Parks. This niggardly attitude is consistent with the denial of adequate funding to allow the Heritage Council and An Taisce to function properly. what a contrast with Government largesse in providing, what can only be described as obscene sums of money, to the likes of the greyhound industry, the FAI and horse racing.

We can only hope that the new owner will continue to allow public access. What if he doesn’t?

Roger Garland   (Chairman  Keep Ireland Open )

43 Butterfield Drive

Dublin 14