Vartry Protest Becomes a Celebration

Keep Ireland Open congratulates Sporting Ireland, and all others involved, on successfully getting the blockage on the Upper Vartry Reservoir Trail removed. It is a very positive event that this beautiful circular trail is again fully available to the public and deserves to be celebrated.

Robert Dowds, Keep Ireland Open Chairman, says “We had organised a protest next Saturday, 22nd October at 12 noon to express our dismay at the blockage on this beautiful circular trail. We will still go ahead with our gathering. Happily however, it now becomes a Family Friendly walk celebrating the successful campaign to restore this beautiful looped trail.”

Keep Ireland Open is strongly of the view that the Government must introduce legislation to ensure easy access to the countryside, our mountains, lakes, rivers and coast for walkers and all responsible users of our great outdoors. This legislation would prevent what happened at Vartry and at many other locations around the country. It would also help establish permanent rights-of-way in the many places where permissive access can suddenly be withdrawn. For example, access to places like Croagh Patrick and the Westport Greenway depends on the willingness of landowners to permit it. 

“In contrast with other European countries Irish legislation provides little or no access rights for walkers in our countryside. For the good of the public, and for our tourists, we need to get to a place where responsible access to our outdoor environment is protected in legislation while, at the same time, respecting the rights of landowners” Mr Dowds concluded.

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Robert Dowds – 087 652 0360 – CHAIR@KEEPIRELANDOPEN,ORG

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