Wicklow Cliff walk to Wicklow Head.

In 2016 a  local group, Friends of the Murrough, succeeded in lobbying for a right of way along the cliff path from Glen Strand to Wicklow Head and  found funding for the  path to be upgraded to a level 4 standard in 2019.  Wicklow Council took charge of this and made many concessions to the golf club to facilitate the work including fencing beside their land with many keep out signs in a previously open landscape. Despite this unfortunate addition, the walk is stunningly beautiful and is now maintained to some extent by the council who have taken it in charge.


At the southern end of the path there were problems with land owners regarding use of the concrete  path leading back to the road and car park so the council put in a small loop rather than confront the issue of a disputed right of way there.  Of course walkers continue to use the concrete path to the road but the council have not registered it as a right of way.


In the opposite  direction  the path leads towards the lighthouses which were always open to the public but the route is now blocked with locked gates, security cameras and an unbadged person acting as a security guards frequently in attendance.  This is causing public anxiety:  it is reported that the council are negotiating with landowners (August 2022) but currently we do not know to what effect.


blocked with locked gates, security cameras etc and an unbadged individual acting as a security guard.